You are an active user of linux terminal? See why you should have the Go Terminal between your applications

Save your favorite commands command

Not how to use the history of the terminal, on the contrary Go Terminal you can actually save your command as favorites and run them with a single click.

save command

Create small interactive interfaces for your flags

This will not serve a simple ifconfig, but you can create interactive interfaces for more complex commands, such as the creation of a Docker container or crop a specific section of the ifconfig itself.


Beautiful interface and pleasant

The Go Terminal offers you a great interface customization tool for you to decorate your favorite terminal.

interface customization

Creating Interative Flags

To create interative Flags on the Go Terminal, you should add some symbols to your command.

Input Text Flags

To create interative Flags with text as an option field, you use the expression em ({NameFlag})

For example, let's create a text field to see the ping of a domain.

ping ({Domain})

Select Flags

To create interative Flags with selection option, you will use the expression ({NameFlag: [ "option1", "option2"]})

For example, we create a selection option to see the ping of domains defined:

ping ({Domains:["rungoterminal.com", "google.com", "yahoo.com"]})

See more about interactive flags in Documentation: Interactive Flags

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