Interactive Flags

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Interactive Flags allow the creation of interactive actions to commands, creating an interface for input of values for the flags.

Interactive banners are created starting from a logical sequence of data, for example:

To get the google drop using ping

If you write this command for interactive banners can add the custom mode of domains to perform a task.

$ ping ({domain})

This command will open generate an input option in the text field, the domain name.

Now, to use interactive banners with predefined values, do this:

$ ping ({domain: [ "", "", ""]})

From now, when you run the command, we have a selection field with the pre-defined options.

Creating Interactive Flag

  1. Click "Add Command" (The first sidebar option with the symbol "more").
  2. Give a title to your command, for example "Get ping".
  3. In the "Command" type:
    For text field:
    ping ({domain})
    For selection camp:
    ping ({domain: [ "", "", ""]})
  4. Note that the below field command button is activated (if enabled is written "ON Flags" is off "Flags OFF"), if not review the written command.
  5. Click save.

You can create several entries for interactive banners on your command, for example:

ssh ({user})@({address:["","",""]}) -p ({port})

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