Creating aliases

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Aliases are small shortcuts to commands and routines that you can save and run quickly.


How to create aliases in Ubuntu and other distros:

Let's create an alias to make a git add, commit and push in one command.

Locate and open the file "~ / .bash_aliases" or "~ / .profile"

Type it:

gitall alias = "git add --all && git commit -m 'commit' && git push origin master"

Open your terminal and run:

source ~ / .bashrc

OK! Now just run!


Aliases in Interactive Flags

You can also create an interactive flag to create faster aliases:

No Go Terminal, click "Add command" (The icon "Plus")

Title, type a title for your command, for example "Create Aliases"

In command, paste the following command:

echo 'alias ({name}) = "(Command {})"' >> ({File: ["~ / .bash_aliases", "~ / .profile"]}) && source ~ / .bash_aliases

Now click Run and voila! Create your aliases with interactive flags!

Git in Interactive Flags

One more tip. You also create a git add, commit, push, with interactive banner. Use this:

git add --all && git commit -m "({Commit})" && git push origin master

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